Welcome to the home of competitive PUBG

Competitive PUBG is a website where you can run and sign up for tournaments and leagues.
The tournaments and leagues are run by communities.

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How It Works ?

Simply look up or find a tournament or league you want to compete in and sign up!
Once signed up you'll receive further information from the host.


Leagues run over specified period of time and are played on the public servers. In a league you can score points depending on the rules, try to come out on top.


Tournaments are played on private servers and can be played solo, duo's or squads. Earn points and try to finish first!


All leagues and tournaments are hosted by communities. These communities are based all over the world, make sure to check them out.

Automated game analysis

No more asking for screenshots of games or manually entering all scores
the system rewards everyone automatically.

  • Easy management of tournament and league features in the back-end.
  • Promote your community
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Simple Pricing

I am not making any money on this, your monthly fee goes directly into server maintenance.

per month
Divine tier
  • Unlimited leagues
  • Unlimited tournaments
  • Unlimited players
  • Free 24/7(ish) Support


If you have any questions that are not answered below, feel free to contact me on twitter or via email.

What is can I expect to find here?

This is the home of competitive PUBG leagues and tournaments. Communities are able to host their leagues and tournaments here.

What are leagues and tournaments?

In leagues you will play in public games and try to best your league. Tournaments will be played on a dedicated server to determine the outcome.

Can I host leagues or tournaments?

Yes this is possible, please contact me for the possibilities. Fair warning up front, I ask a monthly fee to support me in server upkeep.

How do I sign up?

Find the tournament or league you like and sign up!